Making the Most of your Nonprofit’s Observances Posts

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November 9, 2022

Does your nonprofit or charitable organization create content to support cause-related observances? While these occasions can provide meaningful opportunities to build awareness of your cause and engage with members of your community, it’s helpful to approach these occasions with intention to be sure your organization gets the most out of them.

1. Spend time gathering the elements of your content.

To make the most of your organization’s observances posts, we suggest creating a content calendar to plan and organize your organization’s content for observances. Having a plan for the content you intend to create and share for the occasion not only removes a bit of stress, but this step also affords you time to:

  • Photograph subjects, whether they be program participants, patrons, constituents, donors, volunteers, board members, sponsors, or staff;
  • Source images if original photography isn’t an option, or if your content plan requires you to supplement your original photography with stock photography;
  • Prepare any audio or video content that may be required. This may include conducting interviews, or getting b-roll or natural sound;
  • Conduct research to find any supporting data that might be required for your content.

2. Use media that will humanize your organization.

In addition to simple posts declaring the special day, week, or month, remind those in your online community that your cause or concern impacts the lives of real people by sharing photos, audio, and videos of your stakeholders, including program participants, patrons, constituents, donors, volunteers, board members, sponsors, or staff. Allowing followers to share in the stories of the people engaged with your organization offers them the chance to establish a deeper connection to those people and your organization. Those emotional connections compel people to take action on behalf of your organization and the cause you serve or represent.

3. Make the most of the resources available to you.

Large nonprofit or charitable organizations and government agencies often publish toolkits that include pre-prepared graphics, data, and even suggested captions for official observances. Using the resources these entities provide saves your organization time and helps ensure your content is consistent with the broader messaging associated with the observance.

4. Use Canva or a similar application to brand your organization’s content.

Content created to support official observances can get lost because there is so much of it. Branding your organization’s content can help guide your stakeholders to your content associated with the observance so that they can identify your organization.

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