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Functional and easy-to-use Canva templates written + designed by experienced nonprofit communications strategists

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Template for Quote from Organization's Stakeholder Appearing in Newsletter by The Nonprofit Template Shop
Template of Organization's Timeline for Anniversary by The Nonprofit Template Shop
Template Quote from Organization's Press Statement to Encourage People to Read It by The Nonprofit Template Shop
Template Celebrating Volunteers with Smiling Faces by The Nonprofit Template Shop
Template to Solicit Newsletter Signups by The Nonprofit Template Shop
Template to Welcome New Board Member to Organization by The Nonprofit Template Shop

What if…

What if creating marketing + communications materials for your nonprofit could be easy?

What if you could spend less time writing and designing creative materials and more time gathering stories of the change that your nonprofit creates?

What if your communications or marketing department could produce attractive and compelling social media posts, annual reports, and rack cards without hours of frustration or a learning curve that slows down your workflow?

At The Nonprofit Template Shop®, our templates are

…Dream come true…

The easy-to-use templates Sandee and Michelle built for our team are a total dream come true. They make communicating about our work a breeze, and with such gorgeous and compelling materials, we look as professional externally as we feel internally. We would be completely lost without them!
Laura Miller
Communications Manager
Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions
Hi! We’re Michelle + Sandee!

As former nonprofit staffers and current nonprofit consultants, we know the demands of writing and designing social media posts, event invitations, and sponsorship packets (and more!) while balancing the many other responsibilities of our marketing and communications roles.

We’ve been where you are, and now we’re developing the tools we wish we had to help make our jobs a bit easier.

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