The Nonprofit Template Shop™

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The Nonprofit Template Shop™ will soon offer functional and easy-to-use Canva templates to amplify social impact, written and designed by experienced nonprofit communications strategists.

As former nonprofit staffers and current nonprofit consultants, we know the demands of writing and designing social media posts, event invitations, sponsorship packets (and more!) while balancing the other demands of our marketing and communications roles. We’ve been where you are, and now we are developing the tools we wish we had to help make our jobs a bit easier.

We’d love to connect with you online to hear what templates you’d like to see us create!

Download #RepresentationMatters:
A Guide to Inclusive Stock Photography for Nonprofits

Download #RepresentationMatters: A Guide to Inclusive Stock Photography for Nonprofits

We know that sourcing inclusive and compelling photography for your nonprofit’s visual storytelling can be challenging—so we’re here to help!⁠

We’ve done the research for you and compiled a free guide to some of the best options online for inclusive stock photography.⁠ You’ll find helpful links to over 30 free and paid stock photography sites that represent all kinds of people from across the globe.