Meet the Team at The Nonprofit Template Shop

get to know sandee jackson, cnp

Founder + Our Content Director

Things I Love

My Family, The Office, and my morning coffee

Favorite Food

Anything Thai

Favorite Hobbies

Reading and sending Michelle silly TikTok clips

Dream Vacation

Paris is always a good idea…

Cardio, Weights, or Yoga

As long as I’m listening to a good podcast or audiobook — it doesn’t matter!

Sandee Jackson, CNP, Content Director at The Nonprofit Template Shop
Michelle Kirsch, Creative Director at The Nonprofit Template Shop

get to know Michelle kirsch

Our Creative Director

Things I Love

My kids, hiking, lattes, and my birds!

Favorite Food

So cliché, but pizza (especially making my own)

Favorite Hobbies

Drawing, hanging out with my kids and pets

Dream Vacation

Anywhere hot and sunny with a beach

Cardio, Weights, or Yoga?

All of the above!

In addition to our experience as nonprofit communications and marketing staffers, we’ve been using Canva since 2013 when it was invite-only!

Today, after nearly ten years and countless design projects and Canva brand kit set-ups for clients, we are proud Canva Creators.

We are proud Canva Creators!
The Nonprofit Template Shop is a proud Nonprofit Hub Business Member.

Our Values


Supporting nonprofits as they work to create change in the world means we get to spend time with people who share our values.


Connecting with nonprofit communications and marketing staffers enables all of us to tell better stories of the impact nonprofit organizations create.


Believing we all have the opportunity and obligation to make a difference helps us stay focused on helping nonprofits through our work.

…But enough about us.
Let’s talk about you…

We feel like we already know you.

That’s because we do.

We know you because we were you.

Like you, we’ve worn more hats than we could count (and that’s on a good day). We know the work you do is rewarding, but the demands are too numerous to count. Sponsorship packets, social media posts, website content — and you’re responsible for all of it. You could use a bit of a headstart with some of these tasks and projects — something that will spark your creativity while helping you remain focused on your organization’s programs and people.

We would have loved that kind of assistance when we were working in our nonprofit comms roles — so we developed The Nonprofit Template Shop to offer the kind of support we wish we’d had back in our days as one-person shops (yes, we’ve both been there…).

We’re excited to put our writing and design experience to work for you with our templates — because we know what’s at stake when you’re communicating to create change!

We wear many hats!